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            3. 甲烷檢測儀

              產品名稱: 甲烷檢測儀
              產品型號: WOST-DRS-CH4
              會員價格: 0.00 元
              產品展商: 其它品牌

              瑞士迪爾多德公司可靠的電路板,配以堅固的外殼,這款在線式甲烷檢測儀WOST-DRS-CH4,自上市以來擁有良好的口碑。高濃度氣體下都可以輸出優良的直線信號、優良的一致性、再現性、高溫環境下性能依然優良、抗中毒能力優良、低功耗,電路易設計、性能長期穩定;該系列甲烷檢測儀支持各類型PLC、DCS系統, 能夠輕而易舉完成監測、報警、信號傳輸、遠程監控、啟動應急設備。獨特的遠程控制和狀態檢測,使您不在現場也能輕松采集數據分析、啟動報警預案。毫無疑問,可燃氣體檢測儀是完全滿足車間廠區甲烷氣體泄漏報警的可靠機型。

              甲烷檢測儀  詳細參數

              The reliable circuit board of Dildord, Switzerland, together with a solid shell, this online methane detector WOST-DRS-CH4, has a good reputation since its listing. High concentration gas can output excellent linear signal, excellent consistency, reproducibility, high temperature environment performance is still excellent, anti-poisoning ability is excellent, low power consumption, easy circuit design, long-term stability; this series of methane detector supports various types of PLC, DCS systems, can easily complete monitoring, alarm, and so on. Signal transmission, remote monitoring, start-up of emergency equipment. Unique remote control and state detection make it easy for you to collect data analysis and start alarm plans in the field. There is no doubt that the combustible gas detector is a reliable model which can completely satisfy the alarm of methane leakage in workshop.






              ◆三線制4~20mA、RS485(Modbus RTU)雙信號輸出,上乘兼容各類型PCL、DCS等控制系統;NC、NO四組繼電器輸出;






              Product characteristics: The original imported industrial-grade methane detector has excellent consistency, reproducibility, excellent performance in high temperature environment and excellent anti-poisoning ability. Its service life is over 2-3 years. _Adopt nanotechnology 32-bit microprocessing technology, high performance circuit components, ultra-low power consumption, stable performance, high measurement accuracy, good stability and repeatability, the whole machine performance is in the lead of the industry; _The automatic protection function against high concentration gas shock can effectively protect the service life of the sensor and has good anti-interference performance. _Full software automatic calibration function, target point calibration of sensors above level 3-4, ensure the accuracy and linearity of full range measurement, data recovery and other functions to avoid misoperation annoyance; Three-wire 4-20mA, RS485 (Modbus RTU) dual signal output, perfect compatibility with all types of PCL, DCS and other control systems; NC, NO four groups of relay output; Audio-optic alarm function with on-site, backlight large screen multi-parameter LCD display, intuitive display of gas concentration, type, unit, working status, etc. It has overload protection function, complete lightning protection in grounding, anti-static magnetic field interference, automatic temperature compensation for sensors, and stable linear output at all temperatures. _Scientific and rational design of the air chamber structure, the use of aviation quality of ultra-high strength aluminum, excellent surface treatment process; long-term use of bright as new, to ensure the sensor detection speed and stable output; _The whole system is equipped with infrared remote control function, which can be debugged without opening the cover. The remote control distance is 16 meters, and can be debugged in a single batch. Industrial wireless transmission function, super wall-penetrating ability, barrier-free transmission up to 2 km, a module can be connected to 255 detectors at the same time (optional function);


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